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Dunwoody Booth Packaging is North America's premier retail & corporate packaging supply company.

At Dunwoody Booth Packaging you will find many unique packaging products including gift boxes, gift wrap, paper bags, plastic bags, gift tins, and unique gift bows and ribbon.

We are famous for our branded packaging (sometimes referred to as custom printed packaging) . Some of the custom packaging products we can create for you are:

When you order custom printed packaging, your logo or message will generally be applied to your choice of packaging product in one of two basic methods, by either "hot stamping", or "ink printing":
Hot stamping is a process where we take the packaging product to be printed, and then one at a time with heat and pressure emboss the product with your logo in the color you choose. This process is sometimes referred to as foil hot stamping. It produces a very elegant look and feel on the packaging you choose to print because hot stamped printing produces somewhat of an embossed effect to your logo or message.
In contrast, the ink printing process is generally done on larger printed packaging orders. In this method, we will print your logo on the desired product in it's raw state, and then fold, seal, and attach what's needed to complete the product into it's finished form. This is the case especially when producing ink printed plastic bags and ink printed paper shopping bags.

We hope you'll take the time to find the unique packaging product that you need for your retail store or business from Dunwoody Booth Packaging.