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Custom Brand Specialists Dunwoody Booth Packaging are Direct Printers with over 20 years experience! At our Head Office & Production Facility our trained operators and expert pre-press staff custom brand with precision and care.
Custom Brand Packaging STAR FACTS
  • 1) Custom Brand Packaging is an effective way to promote and advertise your business name.
  • 2) Co-ordinated and designed professionally, Custom Brand Packaging can create, enhance, and give you a recognizable image.
  • 3) Custom Branded Bags are walking billboards!
  • 4) Custom Branded Boxes are given as gifts at showers and parties. Your audience increases!
  • 5) Custom Branded Ribbon & Labels identify, merchandise and SELL product.
  • 6) Custom Branded Packaging will make your business a STAR! It's a fact, click Testimonials to read what our Star Customers Write.

    "Getting Started" Custom Branding Custom branding promotes your business image. Consider your business image and answer the following questions:
    • Does your business have an image?
    • Does your business have a logo?
    • Does your business have a color scheme to follow?

      Second, consider what you would like to put on your packaging and labels and then review the color selection available for the products you would like branded.
      • Do you have art that is ready?
      • If you do have art, please scroll down to Supplying your Art for details.

        If you need an image, read on...

      • If you do not have art, please see the following options:
        "Design Solutions" for customers without art:
      • 1. Choose a Standard Text Layout. "Text Layout" links are available all custom brand pages, simply open, print, and fill in the described information. Ideal when the print simply involves lettering, you simply choose a typestyle from our selection of fonts. We layout the graphic at no charge to you.
      • 2. Choose a Standard "Format Upgrade". These are graphic design solutions. You choose your design, select fonts and fill in desired text. There is a small extra charge for Format Upgrades.
      • 3. Choose Fonts and/or Clipart inserts for Standard Text Layouts and/or Format Upgrades.

        Supplying your 1 Color Art
      • Add $25.00 if you are supplying an emailed file or mailed copy of your art that is not set-up as per our print specs (see below.)
      • Art that is 100% Ready is art that is set up according to our print specs, no changes are required, and the art can be directly made into a printing plate. Our art department will advise if the art is not ready, or if the art is not at "ideal quality" before going to plate production. If you are unsure, first email a copy to us so we can advise if the image is suitable for print. Email to
      • When we set-up your art, we supply a faxed/or emailed proof with a scaled down image for you to approve before printing plate production, to ensure all print information, positioning, lines, fonts etc. are correct.
      • We fax one proof at no charge. If there are errors in email, or we have made a spelling mistake, revisions are not extra. Otherwise a $15.00 charge is applied per revision following the first provided they are "customer advised changes."

        Supplying your 2-4 Color Art A minimum charge of $25.00/half hour is applied to multi spot-color art for color trapping set-up. For 4 color process orders, art charges, if any, will be advised in quotation following the review of emailed art.

        Art at DBP
        These fees apply outside of the standard layouts, if additional time is required in prep. Art time, $47.50 per 1/2 hour consists of the following:
        • Typesetting or adding text to art supplied
        • Scanning, converting to vector, and re-sizing logos and type for print
        • Editing art supplied, ie. erasing or adding text and/or images. Minor clean-up of scans and improving bad art
        • Adjusting reverse logos, and/or inverting, and/or rotating, and/or converting colors to black and white logos for print.
        • Set up of available DBP upgrade logos and clipart images (set fee, see specific upgrade charges)
        • Font searching on web, and clipart image searching.
        • Trapping for multi-spot-colored art

          Art not available at DBP Art time is limited as we are a production based direct printer. The following art requirements should be sent to a graphic artist:
        • Emailing our pre-press to other trade printers, eg. for business cards or stationary.
          Print Specs These are the guidelines for how to set up your art for print. Each "custom brand-able" item has different print specs. See links on the individual pages for details.

          Art Specs How we accept art is also shown in a link on each custom brand page. We accept both PC and MAC files. We prefer Adobe Illustrator files, please save up to version 9 and covert all fonts to outlines. If you are working on Corel Draw, we accept up to version 9, for PC only. Please email to:

          Delivery following art approval
        • Foil- stamped labels - usually 2 weeks
        • Ink Printed Labels - usually 2 weeks
        • Price Labels - usually 2 weeks
        • Ribbon - usually 2-4 weeks
        • Foil-stamped Paper Shopping Bags - 2-3 weeks (pending Seasons)
        • Foil-stamped Plastic Shopping Bags - 2-3 weeks (pending Seasons)
        • Ink-Printed Plastic Shopping Bags - 4-6 weeks (pending Seasons)
        • Boxes - 2-3 weeks (pending Seasons)
        • Sew-In Labels - 2-3 weeks
        • Custom Tags - 3-4 weeks
        • Custom Tissue - 4-6 weeks