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About Us

Who we are
Dunwoody Booth Packaging is a family run business servicing North American customers from distribution points in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Mississauga.

How we got started
In 2010, WR Display & Packaging - one of Canada's leading retail packaging and store fixtures companies purchased the Dunwoody Booth Packaging intellectual property, which includes the exclusive right to represent itself as Dunwoody Booth Packaging , all the artwork and plates under the control of Dunwoody Booth Packaging , the customer records and purchase history.
As a result Dunwoody Booth Packaging is now stronger than ever, having been taken over by the larger and financially stable WR Display & Packaging.

What we sell
We now have over 3500 products, including an extensive line of retail packaging solutions geared for the independent retail market. As well, our custom printing is both high quality and well priced.

Copyright Information
Reproduction of material from any pages on this domain, without written permission, is strictly prohibited. Intellectual property shown on including all images, product descriptions, specifications and related information is wholly the property of Dunwoody Booth Packaging and may only be used by obtaining specific written permission from the owner.